Some attributes
First Species = Puppy
Second Likes = Emily Elizabeth, Playing with his friends, Tummy-Yummies(Treats)
Third Family = Unnamed mother, Emily Elizabeth (Owner and Friend), Dafodil (Adopted Sister)
Other attributes
Fourth Gender = Male
Fifth Age = 5
Sixth Voiced by = Lara Jill Miller


Clifford is a small cute, little red puppy.   He loves to learn new things, and is always there for his friends when they need him the most.  Sometimes he can annoy other animals, but in the end they're always back to friends.


Clifford has some pretty close relationships with his friends and family.

Emily ElizabethEdit

Clifford is close friends with Emily Elizabeth, his owner. She takes good care of Clifford, and he is very loyal to her. There doesn't seem to be a time when they were mad at eachother.


Clifford is very good friends with Dafodil.  Dafodil knows it's her job to keep Clifford safe whenever Emily Elizabeth is at school, and she does. Clifford tries not to give Daffodil such a hard time dog-sitting. Dafodil is rarely angry or annoyed by Clifford, and even though they have their fights they still share a deep brother-sister bond. Daffodil was jealous of Clifford when he first came to live with them.


Jorge and Clifford are best friends. They've never gotten into a fight. Once Clifford rescued him when Jorge got stuck in a fence while they were playing ball. Jorge was extremely grateful, but Clifford was soon overwhelmed by the gratitude. They eventually managed to straightened out, though.

Zo and FloEdit

Zo, Flo and Clifford are very good friends, they play a lot together. They have a surprisingly good friendship despite him being a dog and them being a cat, and they can learn a lot from eachother, he once explained to Zo why he shouldn't steal his presents before Hanuakka is over, and when Clifford wanted to learn how to be other kinds of animals, they were happy to volunteer along with Daffodil, Jorge, and Norville.



It has never stated, but it is possible because they know each other.