Emily Elizabeth Howard is Clifford's owner. She and her family live in an apartment in the city. She has two pets, a rabbit named Daffodil and a puppy named Clifford. She is eight years old and has short, styled blonde hair. She is in the 2nd grade.


Emily Elizabeth is shown as a kind, friendly girl who makes friends easily. She is very responsible and takes good care of Daffodil and Clifford.


Nina: Nina and Emily Elizabeth are good friends, though occasionally they will try and outdo eachother, like when it comes to kite making, they can work together and make sand castles together.

Shun: Shun and Emily Elizabeth hang out with eachother alongside Nina. Shun is a quiet, easy going boy and is usually on good terms with Emily Elizabeth and Nina.

Evan: Evan is a really good friend to Emily Elizabeth and kinda like her role model. It's hinted that in the episode "A Promise is A Promise" Emily Elizabeth has a crush on Evan.