Scar death, different ending is a fan story made by arvinsharifzadeh.


Scar: And here is my little secret, I killed Mufasa.

Simba: *Gasp* No!

Scar: And that's not all, I was the one who canceled Clifford Puppy Days.

Clifford: Oh no! That's why fans don't watch me anymore.

Scar: I also had a crush on Rarity.

Spike: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Scar: And again, I also made Flutershy cry.

Rainbow Dash: *Gasp* Fluttershy was that true?

Fluttershy: Yessss! He wouldn't stop making me sad.

Scar: I was the one to force Serena to lose the showcase performance.

Serena: *Gasp* How could you?

Scar: Oh and Sonic, I am your father.

Sonic: What? But how?

Scar: I once married your mother, Queen Aleena, until I got a divorce, because she didn't like how I was ruling Pride Rock.

Sonic: *Gasp*

Lisa Simpson: Scar, why are you telling such hurtful secret about us?

Scar: Why do you care miss know it all?

Twilight Sparkle: In case you haven't notice, you're the one who is destroying everything in it past.

Scar: And what are you gonna do about it? Make a wish and say that I was dead.

Timmy: Excactly. Cosmo, Wanda, I wish Scar was dead.

Wanda: Timmy, you know it against the rules to wish someone to be dead.

Timmy: Oh right.

Sagwa: But we can still defeat you Scar.

Scar: Oh please. How are you all gonna beat me?

Lion Guard: We will.

Scar: Yeah right. I can't be defeated by a couple of puny Lion Guard.

Kion: Grrrrr.... *Roar*

Scar: Oh shoot. Ahhhhhhhh!

Scar had just died.

The End.